What do a fox, wizard, Count, and chocolatier have in common?

Apr 01, 2013
What on earth would bring together a fox, wizard, Count, and chocolatier for one post? Well, when you ask OOMers who their favorite literary pranksters are, you get a whole list of crazy characters from all genres that truly have their own styles of pranking. So today, a day of trickery, pranking and joking, we honor the literary best of those rascals. Happy April Fool’s Day!!! Let’s start with the most magical of the bunch. Fred and George Weasley of the Harry Potter books. You know we love them dearly. Whether it was a simple ton-tongue toffee or a swamp charm to leave Umbridge forever, the twins go down in literary prankster history. Now perhaps the trickiest but also certainly the most fantastic — Mr. Fox from The Fantastic Mr. Fox, of course! He’s sneaky and has some crazy tricks up his sleeve in order to get those chickens.You better count your chickens if he is around – literally. For the yummiest prank experience you must go to the master of pranks: Mr. Willy Wonka. Filled with gag candy and lessons, we love his innovation in tomfoolery. The youngest is a prankster I can relate to –little miss Ramona Quimby. A bit mischievous but always lovable as a little sister, shehas always been agreat character to read about. Would this list truly be complete without a little bit of”eewww!” No, I don’t think so. So we also have the Gigglers from Roddy Doyle’s The Giggler Treatment…they deal in dog poo. Unpleasant but hysterical nonetheless! The most classic of all, Tom Sawyer. His imagination gets away from him sometimes, and many timesin the way ofHuckleberry Finn, but where would classic American literature be without this quintessential prankster? And finally, the least traditional but perhaps the most successful literary prankster, especially in the long-term, is The Count of Monte Cristo. It’s a bit darker of course but he does fool everyone into thinking he’s someone else…and gets revenge on all those who wronged him. To pranksters of all backgrounds, eras, and styles, today, we salute you! No kidding.