A visit to Abington Avenue School for a My Very Own Library book fair!

Dec 20, 2012
A teacher helps a student choose a book at My Very Own Library book fair At Scholastic, we believe every child should have the experience of owning a book. I don’t know which book was the first one I owned, but I remember when my cousin gave me the book Eloise for Christmas when I was 5. She even wrote my name in the book (and I still have it on my bookshelf today). I loved reading and rereading the book and following Eloise on her misadventures around the Plaza hotel. Every child should have that feeling, and last week, I had the opportunity to see it in action at Abington Avenue School in Newark, NJ at a My Very Own Library Book Fair. In partnership with New Jersey After 3 and Scholastic, My Very Own Library has one overarching goal: to encourage and support students’ love of reading by providing the opportunity to choose NEW books to build their own home libraries and meet the real-life authors who write them. By May, 11,000 students at 18 schools will each receive 10 free books to take home with them so they can build their own home libraries. With the support of Foundation for Newark’s Future, the year-long project is dedicated to My Very Own Library originator by Anne Feeley, who was passionate about making sure children could own their own books. This fair was the first of three fairs — kids will have the opportunity to choose another 3 books in March and 4 in May, so they’ll even have books to read during the summer. Authors Alan Katz, Steven Metzger, Michael Northrop, and Dan Poblocki were on hand to sign books and help kids find great books to read. Superintendent Cami Anderson and Clifford – our favorite big red dog – came by to join the fun. The school band played and a teacher even dressed as The Cat in the Hat! The energy in the room was overwhelming! We know that 91 % of kids say they are more likely to finish a book they picked out themselves. It was amazing to witness first hand the students’ joy and excitement about picking out their own books to read and take home. See pictures of the event here!