Tween Review: Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Amy Kraft

Apr 12, 2013
I’m so happy that my niece, Elizabeth, is back with another book review. Today I had the pleasure of Skyping with four 6th grade Language Arts classes in Elizabeth’s school, and a bunch of her friends are gearing up to write some reviews! I always love hearing what the kids think. The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is by far my favorite book series yet. This series by Rick Riordan is filled to the brim with full-packed, heart-stopping chapters that will surely whisk you away, as they did me. These books are easy, quick reads for me, but I wouldn’t read these if you are less than nine years old and have struggles reading about deaths. You should especially be aware of tragic deaths in books 3-5. “Nico buys Happy Meals for the Dead” is just one of the chapter titles in book four. It states random things you would probably never put together, yet seems to go along with the events of the chapter. This is how most of the chapter titles are. Most will make you say “What the heck is going on in that chapter?” Percy starts off as a troubled ADHD, dyslexic child with one friend, a patient mother, and a smelly stepdad. He doesn’t know much about his father except for the fact that he worked on the seas. His mother’s strange confidence that his father is still alive confuses him. He’s never contacted or visited Percy or his mother. One day on a fieldtrip his pre-algebra teacher turns into a bat/hag and attacks him. When Percy’s Latin teacher throws him a sword to defend himself, Percy swings at the bat/hag thing and hits it, turning it to dust. Percy spends the rest of the year thinking he is going mad. It isn’t until his best friend Grover starts acting weird around Percy that makes him suspect that he might be missing a little information. That summer Grover leads Percy to a little camp tucked away on Long Island. There he learns things about history — his history. He finds himself learning to work with a sword and finding out he is not alone. However, this summer camp is no ordinary camp. It is packed with demigods. What is a demigod you might ask? A demigod is a person who is half mortal and half Greek God. Take Percy, for example. His mother is mortal and his father is Poseidon, the Greek sea god. Percy meets the books’ leading lady there: Annabeth. Annabeth is my favorite character in the books. She is smart, brave, and beautiful, what every girl wants to be. She plays the biggest role next to Percy. She and Percy go on exciting adventures throughout the books. The world of Percy Jackson is a world where all of the Greek gods actually exist. They control his world and we can’t even see any of the Greek world due to Riordan’s creative invention, the mist. The mist blocks out all mortals from seeing what really is going on. Enemies of the Gods are stirring and suddenly Percy finds himself facing Enemy #1: Kronos. Rick Riordan knocked it out of the ballpark with this one, sucking me and thousands of other people around the world into the world of Percy Jackson. If you enjoyed the Percy Jackson series, I would recommend reading the Heroes of Olympus series. This book still takes place in the world of Percy Jackson, but you will meet some new characters. I would also recommend The Demigod Diaries, which explains towards the end of the book how the series was written. Do not read any of the recommended books without reading the Percy Jackson series first!