Tween Review: The Land of Stories

Amy Kraft
Jan 21, 2013
Our tween correspondent, aka my niece Elizabeth, is back with her review of Chris Colfer’sThe Land of Stories.I got this book when I attended the Children’s Author Breakfast at BookExpo last year, and never felt inclined to pick it up after hearing him speak about it. There was something about his “hey-I’m-on-TV-so-it-was-super-easy-for-me-to-get-a-book-published attitude that turned me off. I was delighted when Elizabeth took and interest and pulled it from my shelf. She makes me want to read it now. You may know Chris Colfer from Glee, but you most likely have no idea that he also enjoys writing novels for children. The Land of Stories is an extremely delightful book filled with adventure, fantasy, and self-growth. It is a wonderful alternative to my favorite book series, The Sisters Grimm. The Land of Stories is also like a TV show I like to watch, Once Upon a Time. I only have one negative comment to make. Please turn this book into a series. It was so amazing that I just want to learn more about Alex and Conner. The characters are so addictive. Alex and Conner have had a rough life ever since their beloved Dad died in a car accident. The twins’ mother works long, gruesome hours as a nurse at a children’s hospital. All they can afford is a shabby little rental house. Their grandmother is not around often but when she is, joy fills the air. I can relate to Alex because I love to read, and doing just fine in school. I am careful, just like Alex is. Conner is another story. He is a complete delinquent. On Alex and Conner’s eleventh birthday their grandmother gives them an extraordinary gift. She gives them her famous book of stories, but there is more to this than Alex and Conner thought. This book acts as a portal between our world and the Land of Stories. The twins accidentally fall through the book and find themselves in a land of princesses and wolves. All of the characters that we know and love are grown up. Red Riding Hood isn’t so little anymore. She now has her own kingdom called the Little Red Riding Hood Kingdom. The Big Bad Wolf is a head on Red’s wall, but his descendents have formed the Big Bad Wolf pack. Cinderella is pregnant. The Evil Queen escaped prison, and the sleeping kingdom is in desperate need of coffee. Suddenly Conner is the logical one and Alex wants to see everything that the Land of Stories has to offer. Will the twins ever find their way home, or will they be trapped in the Land of Stories forever? Read all about it in The Land of Stories.