Ten lessons from the best district in the country

Mar 28, 2013
Wayne D’Orio, Editor of Scholastic Administrator Magazine, is here to share 10 lessons from the best district in the country. How did a small school district in the middle of North Carolina become one of the most buzzed about success stories in K-12 education? Mooresville Graded School District, with 5,600 students and one of the lowest per-pupil expenditures in the state, regularly draws visitors from more than 40 states and countries. It has been featured in the New York Times (which called the district the “de facto national model of the digital school”), on Fox News, and on PBS. Superintendent Mark Edwards was recently named Superintendent of the Year, while tech peers gave the district their highest honor this month. The truth of Mooresville’s “overnight success” really began five years ago, when Edwards took over and slowly started pushing his idea of Every Child, Every Day. See which 10 lessons you can learn from this district and apply to your own schools in this issue’s cover story.