teach kids the days of the week (a super-easy way!)

Amy Mascott

Jan 08, 2013
Teaching kids the days of the week doesn’t need to be a huge event. Parents don’t need printables, charts, diagrams, or huge posters. Sure, a calendar hanging on the wall helps. But parents can help their children learn the days of the week in less than a minute each day. Really. It’s about creating a daily rhythm, especially at home and especially when kids are young. And that’s it. Here’s the skinny. . . Teach Kids the Days of the Week (in a Super-Easy Way!): Starting the day by talking about what day it is is something we’ve been doing for years and years. And though it might not seem like rocket science, I firmly believe it has helped Maddy, Owen, and Cora understand the concept of weeks vs weekends and learn the days of the week. Plus, it’s given us a schedule and a routine–and we all know that children, especially little guys, thrive on routine. Let’s face it–we all do. Take a look at our latest vlog to really get the down-low on what we do over here to help our kids learn those seven important guys whom they’ll know from here on out–Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, (and our faves!) Saturday and Sunday.     Really simple, right? Owen’s vitamin case. . . . . . complete with his ‘C’ for wintertime and his daily. Start now–head over to a nearby pharmacy, shell out a buck or two for a plastic pill case, and start tomorrow. Here’s to a happy, more organized and totally amazing 2013. It doesn’t have to be difficult–parenting is hard enough! But every parent is capable of sneaking in a little bit of meaningful learning into their children’s every day. We can do it! Pin ItThe post teach kids the days of the week (a super-easy way!) appeared first on teach mama.