Amy Kraft
Dec 11, 2012
Olive and I recently attended an awesome tween fashion event hosted by KidzVuz, Fashion Tweenstas. While she enjoyed getting colored streaks in her hair and dressing up mannequins with fashions from The Children’s Place, her heart belonged to the Fashion Angels table where she could make all sorts of designs from their awesome Tapeffiti tape. This is tape that comes in tons of cool patterns, perfect for personalizing notebooks, cards, and, well, pretty much anything. I just discovered that there’s are Tapeffiti Project Runway kits, which is amazing because using tape for creating our own Project Runway fashions is exactlywhat we do with tape in this house! I’ve also been on the lookout for other tape-related goodies for the holidays, and this is what I’ve come up with so far. I am in love with the look of this Japanese paper masking tape from the MOMA store, which comes in both color and black and white sets. Boing Boing’s gift guide turned me onto this awesome ECR4Kids Kraft tape dispenser, which holds 10 rolls of colored tape. Kid heaven. And last year I included the Klutz Kit, Totally Tape, in one of my gift guides, but it bears mentioning again. Who doesn’t love tape?