Summer Reading Bucket List

Allison McDonald
May 03, 2013
The school year is almost over and if you are like me you have already started planning your family calendar for the whole season. Before you declare all the planning done take some time and plan your summer reading adventure! Summer reading isn’t just for fun it’s the best way to prevent summer slide. Did you know that it’s estimated that teachers spend on average 4-6 weeks re-teaching material children have forgotten over the summer? Think of all the time that teachers could have for other things if we send our kids ready to learn new material instead of reviewing and re-learning . My kids and I brainstormed fun, silly and educational ideas for summer reading and came up with this bucket list. Follow the links to book recommendations . Read in a tent. Read a book about wild animals. Read a book in the bath. Read a book under a tree. Read a book about a city far away. Read at dinner. Read a magazine. Read as a family. Read a book about your country. Read in a blanket fort. Read a book about friendship. Read a comic book. Read at the park. Read a magazine. Read a book about art. Read a book that makes your laugh. Read a book with a flashlight. Read a book to a pet. Read at the beach. Read a book about space. Read a book in a funny accent. Read a book while having ice cream. Read a book then act it out. Read a book and capture it on video. Read a biography. Read a book with chapters. Read a book about bugs. Read a book without any words. Read an alphabet book. Read a pop up book Read at breakfast. Read a book you wrote yourself. Read an ebook . Read all summer long.   As you know together with Amy Mascott I write all about family literacy for Scholastic Parent’s Raise A Reader blog . On Monday night we will be taking over Scholastic Parent’s Facebook page for a great kick off of their Scholastic Summer Challenge. This year is set to be the best yet and Amy and I will be answering questions to get you and your family ready for a summer filled with reading. Do not miss it!   The post Summer Reading Bucket List appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.