Stressed? Try a book.


Apr 17, 2013
Every now and then I get a serious urge to drop everything and pick up a Baby-sitters Club book. And that, my friends, is how I know I’m stressed. I guess you could say the stories of Stoneybrook, CT help de-stress me. And considering what a stressful week it’s been, you can imagine I’ve been turning to my BSCs often over the past few days. Tuesday was National Stress Awareness Day and all of April is Stress Awareness Month, and I don’t mean to be flip when I say I find books to be the single biggest stress reliever in my life. (Well…maybe a close second to a good yoga class.) It’s pretty obvious why books can help — they offer us an escape and, especially if children’s books are your de-stressor (like me), they harken back to a time when we were probably less stressed than we are now. And who doesn’t want to be less stressed? I asked around to find out what books other people turn to when they’re stressed: Nadia: Harry Potter! Kristen: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Lia: No specific book, but definitely bookstores and/or libraries in general. (Whatever’s closest!) Megan: The Coloring Book by Herve Tullet Alex: A childhood favorite, The Giving Tree. (And an US Weekly usually does the trick too!) What books do you read when you need to de-stress?