Sticky Window Flower Garden

Allison McDonald
Mar 26, 2013
by Allison McDonald Like many of my activities this sticky window was spur of the moment. I was trying to get ready for our family trip to Texas and my 2 year old had already watched more TV than I care to admit. We needed an easy and fun activity . This was perfect. I had a bouquet of flowers that I was going to have to throw away before we left anyway so it was even better that we could use it for this. If you don’t have a bouquet of wilting flowers on hand you can use leaves, grass clippings, pine cones, etc… Go on a nature walk and see what will stick! Gather your materials. You will need some contact paper, painter’s tape, scissors and flowers or other bits of nature. I used markers to make some stems and the start of the mural but it was totally NOT needed. I wish I had not done this. The flowers and sticky window is enough. I would have put up another sheet of contact paper but it’s expensive and my daughter was waiting. Tape the contact paper on the window. The way I do this is to peel a little bit back and tape the top. The sticky side is facing YOU. The carefully peel the backing off. Tape all the other sides down with the painter’s tape. Prep the flowers in a bowl or container for your child. My daughter loved just playing with the flowers , pulling them apart and investigating. I loved watching her. Stick the flowers on. She was totally into this and it was such pretty addition to our kitchen. The post Sticky Window Flower Garden appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.