St. Patrick s Day Spin Art Craft

Feb 25, 2013
My 6 year old was home from school this week and I tried to cram in as much fun as we could including a little early St.Patrick’s Day craft. Between a visit from the grandparents, watching The Princess Bride twice , 2 ferry rides and a trip to the aquarium we did a ton of activities. This was his favorite . Salad spinner art is a ton of fun and it’s not a bad work out either. You can find a cheap salad spinner like this one at Ikea for under $4! Gather your materials. You will need some paper plates or other sturdy paper , paint ( water it down just a little) and a salad spinner. Start by drawing your shamrock or rainbow on the plate. Draw them on both sides so you have a good guide for cutting later after it’s dry. Cut the extra off the plate . Fitting in cutting curves is something I am trying to do more for my son who is still working hard at that skill. Pour! We poured a little too much but if there is too much just scoop some off. Spin! Next up rainbow colors. It gets a little messy but all fun things do ! Next we thought we’d do some color mixing. So we got out our thinner Melissa & Doug Poster Paints and poured them in. Carefully watched as it spattered while it spun. It turned sorta grey so we added some other green paint and spun it again. I love this picture because it shows out painting experiment which is what my son was calling it. I just liked seeing him so engaged even though he has done more than his fair share of art projects over the last 5 years. I am thankful he is still curious. Let everything dry and cut out. The post St. Patrick’s Day Spin Art Craft appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.