st. patrick s day fun fact lunchbox notes: and non-fiction reading

Amy Mascott mascott
Mar 04, 2013
It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day– a holiday that my family loves to ring in with rainbows, scavenger hunts, and lots of silly little- leprechaun fun. But we also love to ring it in with a new batch of lunchbox love notes. This time, the St. Patrick’s Day Lunchbox Love Notes were made with the help of my tiniest one: Cora. She brought home a great little St. Patrick’s Day book from her media center last week, and it was perfect for us to use as the foundation for our newest lunchbox love notes: St. Patrick’s Day Fun Fact Love Notes. Simple, interesting facts about this holiday, many written with the help of Cora. Talk about some worthwhile non-fiction reading practice with some summarizing practice on the side! Here’s the skinny. . . St. Patrick’s Day Fun Fact Lunchbox Notes: Really, these started out with Cora bringing home St. Patrick’s Day, by Mari Schuh. While Maddy was at gymnastics one afternoon, we read it together, and after every few pages, we stopped to talk about what she read. We made personal connections–talking about what we like best about St. Patrick’s Day–and we made text-to-text connections, talking about how this book about St. Patrick’s Day was similar to the other books about St. Patrick’s Day we had at home. This kind of casual connection-making is a great way of bringing non-fiction texts (or any text for that matter!) ‘home’ for kids. Cora helped me pick out the best pieces from the book that she thought would make great lunchbox love notes–and I know that when she opens up her lunch to read them, she’ll feel especially cool that she helped to ‘write’ them. Check out a quick piece about why I love these lunchbox love notes–and lunchbox love notes in general:   Fun Fact Lunchbox Love Notes: some are easier for younger readers than others. Here are the St. Patrick’s Day Fun Fact Lunchox Love Notes for you to download for your little loves’ lunches: View this document on Scribd And that’s it–just a fun little lunchbox love to ring in this favorite holiday of ours! If we can sneak in a wee bit o’ learning along the way, why wouldn’t we? Have a fact I should have added? Let me know! Check out these other great St. Patrick’s Day books to add a wee bit o’ reading for your lads and lassies:   fyi: google affiliate links are used in this post. Thank you for considering using them! Pin ItThe post st. patrick’s day fun fact lunchbox notes: and non-fiction reading appeared first on teach mama.