A space for reading

Guest Blogger
Apr 24, 2013
Now that’s a bookshelf. Julia Graeper from the Classroom and Community Group recently told us about the book collection her family has. Naturally, we had to hear more, so she’s back to talk about it. Take it away, Julia! My baby is lucky. Her family is full of book lovers. Recently, I wrote about reading aloud with Raina, who will be one year old next month. But Raina doesn’t just read with me; she also reads with her grandparents, who watch her during the work week. She spends most days with my parents, and often emerges from their care with new skills and desires. My mom emails me at work every day to remark on sweet or funny things the baby has done. (If I am lucky, I get a picture of that sweet or funny thing, too.) The other day I got a one-sentence email, all uppercase: NEED MORE BOARD BOOKS. My mom and dad are definitely taking Raina’s reading life seriously. Both of my parents read to me as a child, and my dad kept doing so well after I became an independent reader. Together, my dad and I made it through all of Little House on the Prairie as well as Anne of Green Gables. I view Raina’s time reading with my parents as a continuation of a relationship that began decades ago. (And yes, I did bring home more board books.) My mother-in-law collects children’s books, so Raina’s paternal grandparents love reading with her, too. When my daughter visits, she gets to spend time in a playroom that is small, cozy, and painted the warmest shade of pumpkin. The best part about the room? It has two entire bookcases overflowing with children’s books, all organized by theme. Recently, Morgan wrote about de-stressing with books, and sometimes I think it is not just what you read, but where you read it. This playroom is the perfect spot. I imagine my daughter when she is older, picking out books from a home library that was started over thirty years ago. Do you have any family reading traditions, or a single spot where you go to read? Tell us about it!