Shopping Media-Macaroni-style

Amy Kraft
Nov 24, 2012

O hai! What’s that new button up there in the nav bar? The one that says “Store”?

That’s the new Media Macaroni store! You see, people are often asking me recommendations for kids’ gifts — that’s what this blog is all about, after all — and I thought that instead of putting gift guides together again this year, I’d store my recommendations all is one place. There are categories for different kinds of books, toys for different ages, music, movies, games, and arts and crafts. Want more categories? Let me know! The links all go back to Amazon, and if you buy anything through these links you help support the Media Macaroni latte fund. These aren’t necessarily the best deals, though, especially this time of year, so I still encourage you to shop around. Buying through your small, local businesses is always nice, too.