Share your summer reading project!

Apr 10, 2013
At Scholastic, we have summer on the brain (and the fact that it’s been so warm out lately certainly helps!) We are counting down the days until May 6th (26 days away!), when Scholastic Summer Challenge begins! This FREE global summer reading program dedicated to eliminating the “summer slide” and getting kids to read every day, throughout the summer. Teacher pre-registration started Monday and we have so many great new features this year, including the new Summer Challenge Calendar App on Facebook. Teachers can access daily tips and enter to win giveaways! But what to read? We have book lists with TONS of suggestions. For communities looking for comprehensive book collections, Scholastic is working with schools and other community organizations to provide students with packs of books to take home during the summer. For 2013, Scholastic has created My Books Summer book packs that include collections of either 5 or 10 age-appropriate fiction and nonfiction books for students to take home, along with summer reading journals, Common Core-ready skill building worksheets, and tips and resources for parents. To celebrate the hard work so many educators and caring adults put into promoting summer reading across the country every year, the Scholastic FACE team is challenging teachers, librarians, community leaders and other summer reading champions to share their projects on Scholastic’s Facebook page. Three Summer Reading Projects will be selected and will win summer reading book packs. Created by the Scholastic Family and Community Engagement (FACE) team, My Books Summer take home book packs include “Think Sheets” and summer journals with writing prompts, both designed to help students think, talk, and write about the text in a way that meets the Common Core State Standards. Be sure to register your class and share your Summer Reading Projects!