Science Fair spectacular!

Apr 04, 2013
My favorite subject in school was always Science so each year, when the Science Fair rolled around, I was always ready with a question and hypothesis. My enthusiasm was sometimes matched by fantastic results, sometimes not. One year, I famously created a generator that would light the tiniest of light bulbs if you turned the magnet on a drill (that was plugged in of course…) Each Spring, we get an influx of parents looking for projects for their kid’s Science Fairs. This year, we set up our central shop with enough kits and experiments to keep me busy deciding which is my favorite and pondering what would happen if we actually tried to raise a tadpole in the store. (Would I be allowed to take it home?) I could very easily get lost looking at kits to erupt a volcano, make artificial snow and of course, Ms. Frizzle has a kit to make slime! After all, she does say: “Take chances,make mistakes and get messy!” The science fun doesn’t stop in the store, though. There are tons of resources online to help with Science Fairs too! Teachers will love this Printable Checklist for a successful Science Fair. There’s also a great article from Instructor on Cool Science Projects. Parents and kids, this article with links to 40 different YouTube videos is so much fun! You’ll also find 148 different activities on the Parents channel at for science experiments! So pop on that lab coat and a pair of goggles because I have a hypothesis you will have a BLAST with science!