Scholastic Parent & Child: May Highlights!


May 23, 2013
Our parenting magazine, Scholastic Parent & Child, is packed with great info that helps parents navigate every aspect of raising happy, healthy kids! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite articles from this month’s issue with you! The school year is winding down, and it’s time to start thinking about a thank you gift for the teachers who helped your kids shine this year! Here are some great teacher gift ideas, including a personalized note from your child, or a special class photo. I was shocked to read this story about kindergarteners being suspended from school for violating the school’s zero-tolerance policies. One of the offending acts? A 5-year-old told her friends that she would shoot them with her bubble gun! Does suspension at such a young age help or hurt? Birthday parties can be stressful to plan, but this awesome guide to the Easiest Birthday Ever has tons of adorable ideas that are easy and budget-friendly. From decorate-your-own doughnuts to DIY wall decorations, this article has everything you need to throw the perfect party! Finally, the summer is a great time to get kids reading (have yours joined the Scholastic Summer Challenge yet?), but not every kid is a natural reader. Here are five tips for boosting your child’s reading confidence that you can use to help you kick off summer reading on the right foot! For more great articles, you can visit Scholastic Parent & Child‘s website!