Saturday is National Baby-sitting Day! You know what that means…

Guest Blogger

May 10, 2013
It’s another chance to talk about our love for The Baby-sitters Club! Here’s Harmonie Rosenberg from the marketing team to take her turn. (Of all the BSC members, by the way, she most relates to Claudia.) Thanks, Harmonie! This weekend marks a fabulous holiday…other than Mother’s Day, that is. It’s NATIONAL BABY-SITTING DAY! All the true fans (ahem!) will be celebrating with an exclusive BSC eCard on the Facebook fan page, but all in all, it’s a perfect opportunity for us all to reflect on our relationship with The Baby-sitters Club. The Club has become much more than a book series full of tween drama and slumber parties; for a lot of young readers, it’s become a rite of passage. For millions of readers across the globe (more than 176 million, to be exact), the life experiences of Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacey are gripping testaments to pre-teen girl world. Responsible enough to care for a sitting charge but not old enough to choose how you wear your hair (looking at you, Mary Anne) – the everyday successes and struggles of the BSC crew are the same that kept many of us on our toes through middle school and beyond. And thanks to Ann M. Martin and the BSC girls, we were never alone. Everyone has a favorite Baby-sitters Club book. Maybe it’s your favorite because it was about something close to home (diabetes? Losing a loved one?) or maybe, it’s just the most memorable because of its downright genuine navigation of eighth grade. Regardless, it’s easy to remember why we love the series so darn much: the BSC girls could have been in our groups of friends, homerooms, or down the block. And yet as familiar as they seemed, the characters also gave us a chance to connect with different versions of ourselves. Even when we didn’t agree with all their actions (did you really think your substitute math teacher would share your romantic intentions, Stacey?), we learned with them and through them. As a 20-something year old, it still feels good to peruse the pages of a BSC book. That’s why I’m so excited to keep reading the ebooks as they roll out with the classic covers I know and love! It feels just as cozy to read Kristy’s Great Idea on my e-reading device in the subway as it did with the original paperback on the top bunk bed. With the launch of Super Specials in ebook coming June 1st, there’s a lot for BSC fans to keep looking forward to. Don’t forget to send our BSC eCard to all your fellow fans and a very happy National Baby-sitting Day!