Rockin Out With the Not-Its!

Amy Kraft
Feb 16, 2013
Today we lucked out and were invited to see The Not-Its in their New York City debut at Symphony Space. Now, I’ve been to a bunch of great live kindie shows, but The Not-Its show today was my favorite. That’s a tall order! From the moment we walked in you could spot members of the band in their signature pink ties and tutus. A couple of them came by and chatted up Olive on their way to put every kid in the room at ease. It worked. Olive generally feels too shy to get up and dance, but she and I were rockin’ in the aisles. The band had so many different ways to engage the audience, and the enthusiasm was contagious. (Well, maybe not for 2-year-old. Ozzie was being a bit shy and sulky and didn’t warm up until the end. It was only his second concert, though, so we’ll give him a pass. He did better than his first concert where he fell asleep during a They Might Be Giants show.) There seems to be an overwhelming array of folksy kids’ music right now, and while there’s nothing wrong with that and some of it is quite lovely, it’s nice to have guitars. And drums. And the some jumping and shouting. I haven’t done a ton of dancing since the concerts I went to throughout the ’90s, and I realized today that The Not-Its tunes work with all my moves. Remember standing in a pit of people and jumping up and down shaking your hair a lot? Yeah, me too. Good times. The new album is Kidquake, and it’s all the rock goodness that I’ve come to expect from The Not-Its. We got a good laugh today from their song “Participation Trophy” but I’m also quite fond of their new song “Busy,” which is a pitch-perfect peek into the insanity of just getting the fam out the door in the morning. You can listen to the full album on The Not-Its’ website. The show today was part of the Symphony Space’s Just Kidding series, always loaded with kids’ music superstars. Next week is Justin Roberts. Check it out!