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Apr 15, 2013
It’s been an incredibly exciting 2013 so far, with all of the awesome going on over at we teach and the sweet redesign over here at teach mama. But another something totally fabulous that makes me want to sing and dance is the new role I have taken on with one of my favorite brands of all time: Scholastic. Along with my longtime pal and good buddy, Allie McDonald, of No Time for Flashcards, I am anchoring the Scholastic Parents Raise a Reader blog along with the amazing Vice President of eScholastic, Maggie McGuire. Woot. Yes. For real. So awesome, right? It’s a blog chock-full of reading tips and more, with the focus being on doing just what you think: raising readers. Right up my alley. Totally my ballgame. Here’s the skinny. . . Reading Tips and More–Scholastic Raise a Reader Blog: It’s been months and months–well over a year–that we’ve had this in the works, so the fact that we’re finally up and live is so exciting for us all. On Scholastic Parents site, the Raise a Reader blog provides: . . . the latest advice, tips, and resources on helping your child read at every age and every stage. Each week, find kids’ book reviews, ways to extend the reading experience, and tips on how to spark a reader’s interests from our expert contributors and editors. photos from Scholastic Raise a Reader blog We’ve covered topics such as: Reading, Writing, and Making an Earth Day Difference 5 Gifts You Give to Your Kids When You Read Aloud to Them Toddlers and Libraries DO Mix! Prepare Your Kids for a Visit to the School Media Center Book Hunt photos from Scholastic Raise a Reader blog We’ve also written about: When Kids Get Stuck During Reading Reluctant Readers Allowed 20 Books Parents Loved as a Child and Can’t Wait to Share with Their Own 2 Ways to Help Kids Fall in Love with Grammar Alphabet Game on the Go Allie and I are open to any topic, question, concern, or focus that readers need, so anything you’d like to hear specifically, please let us know. We’re really excited that on May 6th from 9-10pm ET Allie and I will be hosting a Facebook chat on Scholastic Parents’ Facebook page. It’s a Summer Reading Kick-Off par-tay of sorts, and we’ll be talking all things Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge. Please join us to find out more about available resources and ways to make summer reading more fun for your crew. And ask questions! You can submit questions, either below in the comments section or on the Scholastic Parents thread. Seriously, I love that we’re even close enough to summer to talk summer reading! Yeee-haw! I can’t wait.   Haven’t had enough of Scholastic yet? Check out some recent photos from a meeting at the Scholastic building in NYC with some of the Scholastic superstars:   We look forward to chatting with you on May 6th, and thanks for checking us out over at the Raise a Reader blog! Pin ItThe post reading tips and more: scholastic raise a reader blog appeared first on teach mama.