read across america day EVERY day of the year

Amy Mascott mascott
Mar 01, 2013
It’s Read Across America Day! Only something that everyone’s been talking about for days and days and days and days now, but don’t worry if you’re already in your pj’s or missed the boat altogether. Don’t worry if this is the very first time you’re hearing about it and now you feel like you’re the only kid not invited to the party. TO-tally not so! Everyone’s invited to this bash–no matter who you are, where you are, or what you read. Read Across America Day is a simply the day that marks the birthday of Dr. Seuss. Read Across America Day has kids all over the country reading Seuss, rhyming, watching Cat in the Hat and The Lorax videos, and wearing a whole lot of red and white stripes to school. And Read Across America Day kicks off THE reading month: March. But I really think that Read Across America Day–and the whole hoopla of reading-excitement that follows through most of March–should be carried on every day. In my opinion, reading can–and should–have a place in everyone’s house on every day of the year. That’s right. Every. Single. Day. Here’s the skinny. . . Read Across America Day EVERY Day of the Year: You got it. Check it out–   In this quickie video I’m sharing 3 ways that families everywhere can bring home the Read Across America excitement any day they choose. I touch on three easy things any parent can do to make their home a literate environment, to raise word-conscious kids, and to make books a constant conversation.   What am I missing? What else could–and should–parents do to bring Read Across America home all year long? Let me know in the comments section, please!   fyi: want to check out the books I mention in the vlog? Oh, The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Seuss Kitten’s First Full Moon, by Kevin Henkes My Penguin Osbert, by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel Some affiliate links are used. Many thanks for considering! Pin ItThe post read across america day EVERY day of the year appeared first on teach mama.