raising word conscious kids: a chat with Mando and Rosita of Sesame Street

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May 16, 2013
I can’t stress enough the importance of raising word-conscious kids. Words are everywhere, all around us. Why not capitalize on the learning opportunities available to us everywhere we turn? If we model a love and genuine interest in words, that will translate into our kids being more aware of words, being stronger readers, and being more eager to learn new things. Promise. This week, I had the incredible opportunity to spend time at the PBS Annual Meeting. As one of the PBS Kids VIPs, several parent bloggers and I had a behind-the-scenes look at new programming, new ideas, and even new characters on some of our family’s favorite shows. It was incredible, and I’m thrilled about what’s in store for us–they’ve got some top-notch programming in the lineup, from early childhood through adult audience. Really great stuff. I even had the chance to chat with two PBS Kids rising stars about one of my favorite topics–words! Here’s the skinny. . . Raising Word-Conscious Kids– Chatting Words with Mando and Rosita: Really. Meeting these two superstars and talking about words with them was an absolute dream. Check it out: How to raise word conscious kids: with Mando and Rosita of Sesame Street chatting about words with Sesame Street’s Mando and Rosita   Though it sounds complicated and scary, ‘word consciousness’ is really the furthest thing. It’s easy. Easier than you think. We were all up in the word conscious action right there in that very video clip. See? So easy–and pretty darn fun.   Word A Day: Get the Family Involved Word consciousness is as simple as pointing out a word on a page during a read-aloud, and it can be a totally on-the-fly thing–you don’t need to have a plan. When you’re word conscious, you’re learning along with your kids; you’re simply word aware. You can admit to not knowing the meaning or pronunciation of a word. You can admit to confusing a word with another. Word consciousness is: talking about the way a word sounds when you say it; playing with words; discussing the meaning of a word; noticing words; talking about the way a word looks on the page; trying different ways of using a particular word; challenging each other to use a ‘new word’ later that day; listening for ‘new words’ during other read-alouds and taking turns ‘catching’ them; sharing ‘new words’ as a family, at the end of the day or at dinnertime; keeping a family list of ‘Cool, New Words‘ or becoming ‘Word Wizards’ and making a ‘Word Wizard Wall’ of words you love. . .   Word A Day: Word-Conscious Kids Want a little more word-happy information? Learning During Read-Alouds: Word Consciousness Word-A-Day, Creating Word-Conscious Kids Word-A-Day: Get the Whole Family Involved Fun Ways to Learn Spelling Words Word Feud, Words with Friends, & Building Words with Kids Farm-Full of Rich Vocabulary Words And that’s it–just our not-so-sneaky way of celebrating language and words any way we can. So many ways to play with words, but not enough time to do it! What ways do you help to raise word conscious kids? Share your ideas in the comments–I’d love to hear them! Until then? Happy word learning! Pin ItThe post raising word conscious kids: a chat with Mando and Rosita of Sesame Street appeared first on teach mama.