Putting the e in BSC: Erin gets her Mary Anne moment

Guest Blogger
Dec 18, 2012
Erin, a self-described Mary Anne, holds up her favorite BSC book The Baby-sitters Club fun never stops…today, assistant editor Erin Black shares her BSC story, as we continue celebrating the release ofThe Baby-sitters Club series in ebook formats! Read on for an inspiring story. Thanks, Erin! I started reading The Baby-sitters Club series when I was six years old. I could finally read by myself, and dove headlong into all the books (BSC and otherwise) I could get my hands on. I checked them out of the library, ordered them through the Scholastic Book Clubs, and traded in books I’d already read to the used book store in town for credit so I could buy more BSC! You see, I’m a Mary Anne. I always have been. No matter how I wished to be athletic like Kristy or fashionable like Stacey or to have even a tiny bit of Claudia’s artistic talent, I was quiet and responsible and wore glasses and read all the time and sometimes felt I was Mary Anne’s twin. I knew what it was like to have overprotective parents and long for pierced ears and be absolutely petrified by the idea of talking to a boy. I cheered when Mary Anne persuaded her dad to let her stay out as late as the rest of her friends, and when she bravely made a new friend, Dawn, during the baby-sitters’ fight in Mary Anne Saves the Day. So you can imagine how happy I was when shy Mary Anne was the first baby sitter with a boyfriend! I never did join a club for babysitting, or adopt a gray striped kitten, or stay in eighth grade forever . . . but I did finally talk to a cute boy, who liked me as much as Logan liked Mary Anne. Last summer I ordered the pinkest pair of shoes I’d ever seen to wear at my wedding. They came to my mailbox at work, and my friends here made me try them on to see if they’d be comfortable to dance in. We twirled around a bit, and I slid on the carpet in the hallway, and for a moment it was as if the previous twenty years hadn’t happened, and Kristy was saying (to Mary Anne, when she tried on her new shoes in book 10), “scuff up the bottoms of these or you’ll slip at the dance and fall flat on your face.” So that’s what I did. I took the shoes home and scuffed up the bottoms, and as worried as I was about standing up in front of everyone at my wedding and trying to look coordinated while dancing, I didn’t fall flat on my face (or accidentally kick my shoe off my foot in the middle of the Stoneybrook Middle School gymnasium). Instead, I realized that the community created by the BSC never really leaves you. Being a Mary Anne or a Claudia or a Kristy gives you a peek into a world where a group of best friends and their families support one another through moving, parents getting divorced, new siblings, birthdays, weddings, difficult clients, pageants, broken legs, even the loss of a beloved grandparent. Looking around at my wedding, I saw family members from as nearby as Connecticut and New Jersey and as far away as British Columbia and Poland. There were friends from Brooklyn and the town next to where we live. Being a reader of the Baby-sitters Club had inspired me to build the same type of solid, supportive community of people for myself, just as I’m sure it’s done for BSC fans – and Mary Annes – all over the world.