Pockets full of poems

Apr 18, 2013
I’m a pockets person. On any given day, I’ll find one or more of the following items in my pockets: loose change, gum wrapper, tissue, subway card, ID card, hair tie, iPhone, crumbled Post-it note, pen. Well, not today. Today, I’ve discarded allmiscellaneousitems for one thing and one thing only: a poem. Sharon Olds’ “Visiting My Mother’s College,” which I love so much. (Look it up! Olds just won a Pulitzer.) The poem is currently tucked snugly in my pocket. Why? It’s Poem in Your Pocket Day! The day was created by the Academy of American Poets (the same folks behind National Poetry Month) in an effort to bring people together through poetry. It’s easy toparticipate—just write down a poem you love on a piece of paper, carry it in your pocket, and share it with others. And if you’re on Twitter, you can even tweet your poem using #pocketpoem. If you need a little inspiration,the Academy of American Poets has poem suggestions and a great list of ideas for celebrating National Poetry Month. We love National Poetry Month around the office, so much so that we dedicated an entire board to it on Pinterest, called Lines We Love. We’ve pinned lines from some of our favorite poets, like Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, and Shel Silverstein. Check it out! Now we’ve got poems in our pocketsand on Pinterest. What about you?