Parents support literacy through the Read and Rise Family Engagement Workshop

Feb 20, 2013
Besides parent-teacher night, it’s not too often that you walk into a school and find a classroom filled with parents. However, when I attended the Read and Rise family engagement workshop at P.S. 179 in the Bronx last week, that is exactly what I saw—a classroom FILLED with parents! This winter, for six weeks to be exact, P.S. 179 in the Bronx has offered Read and Rise family engagement workshops for parents to help them build the skills they need to create a literacy-rich environment at home to support their child’s educational success. The workshops are provided through a unique partnership between the United Way of New York City (, Scholastic and P.S. 179, and emphasize the important role learning at home plays in determining a child’s success. The 23 parents enrolled in the Read and Rise workshop covered a variety of topics to support literacy, such as being a reading role model and the importance of having books at home, culminating in last week’s graduation ceremony. In addition to connecting ideas and communicating with other parents, each participant was supplied with a journal and take-home book packs for their child’s home library. Now more than ever, programs like Read and Rise are critical to a child’s success. According to the 2012 Primary Sources survey, teachers put “family involvement” on the top of a list of factors that could improve student achievement — 98% of teachers agreed that it has a strong or very strong impact on student academic success.And as experts say, “Parents are a child’s first and most important teacher.” Parents of P.S. 179 celebrate graduating from the Read and Rise program! For more information about the Read and Rise program, click here. For a closer look at the P.S. 179 Read and Rise program, click here.