Ocean Sensory Tub

Allison McDonald
May 06, 2013
Anyone who thinks that sensory play is just for toddlers needs to see this post. Since making the swamp sensory tub last year my kids have asked to do another one just like it. I didn’t mean for so long to go by but we finally go around to it and this time made it into an ocean sensory tub with blue gelatin. Play like this is fun and simple and perfect for summer . We leave ours out covered in our yard for a few days and observe how the gelatin changes throughout the day. Gather your materials. You will need a container to make the gelatin in, a large container to play in ( we use our … ) , some fun sea animals and glass pebbles, plain gelatin ( I used 5 boxes) and some blue food coloring. You will also need a little bow, scissors, many cups of water and a pot or kettle for the boiling water. Start by pouring all the gelatin into a little bowl – 5boxes = 20 packets of gelatin. Boil 5 cups of water . Add a few drops of blue coloring to the water. Pour 15 cups of cool water into your container. Sprinkle the gelatin on top and let rest for one minute. Pour the boiling water in and stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Hide in your fridge behind yogurt. Well that’s what I did because the last thing I wanted was blue gelatin all over my kitchen . When I made the rainbow gelatin sensory tub I spilled some blue and it it forever to get that stuff off. When the gelatin is set about 3 hours ( ours was a little under done but the kids were eager) grab the sea animals and get the table prepared. They explored the gelatin before putting it in the table. Touching and tasting it. ” It tastes like zero, nada, nothing .” Then we added the gelatin. Play!! Clearly the 6 yer old was into it. Literally. Because ours was a little under done it was stickier than normal and required more washing off – so they ran to the water in our yard and cleaned themselves off. The post Ocean Sensory Tub appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.