A Mouse with a past

Jan 15, 2013
There was a mouse in The Scholastic Store this past Saturday… …and everyone was thrilled! This wasn’t an ordinary mouse, though. It was Geronimo Stilton, author and rodent extraordinaire! He’s wildly popular (and not just because his cheese puns are so Gouda!). With over 50 books in his original series and 4 additional series, this mouse is CHEDDARIFIC! (I have a gnawing suspicion that these puns may become grating — Sorry! It’s just that Geronimo is passionate about CHEESE. In fact, he collects antique cheese rinds.) OK — back to why Geronimo was in SoHo… He was in town to celebrate the launch of his newest series, Cavemice. It follows the adventures of Geronimo’s ancestor, Geronimo Stiltonoot, editor of THE STONE GAZETTE. He faces problems of pre-historic proportions and in the first book, he must rescue the Stone of Fire from Tiger Khan and get it back to the Old Mouse City Mouseum. Like all Geronimo Stilton books, there are illustrations on just about every page that are great for reluctant readers. Combined with a little Stone-Aged humor, it’s no surprise that there was a crowd of kids to get the new book! Geronimo visited with his fans and posed for a few pictures while kids made their own friend from the Stone Age – out of rocks! Find out more about Cavemice right here!