LEGO love: even for families on the go

Amy Mascott
Jan 20, 2013
We’re huge LEGO® fans over here, lovers of the shapes, the colors, the sets, and the figures. For years now, LEGOs® have been a staple for birthdays, holidays, and special treats. Only recently have we discovered LEGO® on YouTube — seriously! LEGO®. On YouTube. Woot! With tons of videos for kids that feed our family’s LEGO® love, and with the help of the fancy YouTube playlist feature, we’ve taken our LEGO® love to a whole new level. Here’s the skinny. . . LEGO® Love–Even For Families on the Go: The LEGO® Channel houses over 500 LEGO®-related videos, and more are being added each day. Though I had seen some of the LEGO® City shorts a while back, I had no idea that there were videos featuring Maddy and Cora’s absolute faves–LEGO® Friends! But there was really a ton more. We found songs, stories, and close-ups of products in every LEGO® product made, from Star Wars to LEGO® City to Super Heroes, but what we especially loved were the short ‘documentary’ type shorts–the Designer Videos. They were right up our sneaky-learning alley. After watching a few of our fave LEGO® shorts, we rocked it out by making our own LEGO® Playlist. We called it Kids’ Fave LEGO® Songs & Videos. You can take it, view it, let your kids watch it, or make your own. Why make a playlist on YouTube? What’s the point? It’s all about giving the kids a safe, mom-vetted option for their viewing pleasure when we need it. Owen’s stuck at Variety Show practice for an hour after school and he finishes his homework? He can watch a few of his LEGO® faves and I won’t worry. Maddy and Cora are buying time on the sidelines of Owen’s basketball or soccer practice on a weekend when Mom’s working? LEGO® Playlist. Kids just want to sit back and relax for a few minutes on a long ride and they’re not feeling games or apps?LEGO® playlist combines fun and learning–some shows, shorts, and songs, along with some up-close and personal with the LEGO® creators and designers. Cool. My kids love to play with LEGOs®. Watching the bricks in action takes them to a whole other level. With a balance of playing with the actual toys–working those fine-motor skills, flexing those creative muscles, and honing those critical thinking skills!–and viewing our LEGO® playlist, I think it’s a pretty cool combination. A nice balance. Making a LEGO® playlist is super easy–check out the smart and schweeet graphic above, and you’re ready to roll. Watch videos at Click Video Options & select Add to Playlist Log into YouTube Add videos to existing playlist or create a new one! Easy-peasy! And that’s it–just a quickie, new-for-us little happy LEGO® discovery that will put a smile on Maddy, Owen, and Cora’s faces–and my husband and mine as well! fyi: Thank you to LEGO and Technorati for being sponsors. I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own. Pin ItThe post LEGO love: even for families on the go appeared first on teach mama.