Learn a poem for National Poetry Month

Apr 03, 2013
Earlier this week, Morgan shared some great ideas for how to celebrate National Poetry Month at home and in the classroom. And the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps has one more to add to her list: learn a poem by heart. Last week, Kid Reporter Amiri Tulloch interviewed Caroline Kennedy and illustrator Jon J Muth about their latest collection of poetry, Poems to Learn by Heart. The two collaborated on a previous collection in 2005,A Family of Poems: My Favorite Poetry for Children, meant to appeal primarily to kids and families.The new book takes Kennedy and Muth’s love of poetry a bit further. It features poetry of all stripes — from the simple to the complex, for kids and grown-ups, written by legendary poets and up-and-comers — that Kennedy hopes will guide readers to a greater appreciation of poetry and inspire them to memorize a poem or two. In the interview with the Kids Press Corps, Kennedy and Muth share their experience with poetry and what makes it unique compared to other forms of writing. And in the following excerpt from the interview, Kennedy explains why it’s important for kids to read poetry: The interview is full of great stories and insight into why poetry is worth reading, memorizing, and sharing. Check it out on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps website, and let us know in the comments why poetry is important to you! Photo: Caroline Kennedy, Jon J Muth, and Kid Reporter Amiri Tulloch after their interview on March 26. (Dante A. Ciampaglia)