Learn Each Week with Zeenii

Amy Kraft

Dec 16, 2012
Hi guys. I hope you’ve forgive some shameless self-promotion in the middle of holiday fever, but one of my projects needs your help. Zeenii is more than an app, it’s a weekly interactive expereince for kids ages 7-10 who are thinkers, makers, and explorers. Each week centers around exciting non-fiction topics in science, technology, history, social studies, the arts, and more. We want to us high-interest topics inspire kids to learn about the world far away and close to home. We have digital projects and offline projects, both of which kids can safely share with our community of kids. The video up there will tell you more. And here’s where you come in. We’re running an Indiegogo campaign to launch our first issue, called the “Launch” issue. All about launching things. We could really use your support, both in the form of contribution to the campaign and your thoughts on what you think about Zeenii in the comments. You’re awesome. Seriously.