Kids mobilize to help Sandy relief efforts

Jan 09, 2013
Hurricane Sandy made landfall on October 29, pounding New York City, Long Island, coastal New Jersey, and parts of New England with wind, rain, and historic flooding. Nearly three months later, many communities are still struggling to recover from one of the worst storms to ever hit the region.But the residents in the hardest-hit areas aren’t alone. Kids and adults from all over the country have sent aid, assistance, and relief to the victims of Sandy. Schools have held fundraisers to help other schools, volunteers have traveled to affected areas to help restore power, and clinics and shelters have helped pets who were displaced by the storm. For their first assignment, the newest members of the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps were asked to write about people or organizations outside of the region hit by Sandy who have been contributing to the relief effort. What they found was a national (and international) sense of teamwork, cooperation, and community.Mahathi Venkateshin Ohio wrote about a youth group who made ornaments and sold them during the holidays to raise money for Sandy relief. Alexandra Pritchard in North Carolina went back to her old elementary school to talk to students and teachers who gave back to other schools in New York and New Jersey. And Aaliyah Kellogg in Minnesota visited a veterinary clinic that asked for donations in exchange for nail trimmings for pets brought to the clinic. These stories are part of a national effort to help rebuild the northeast, an effort captured in the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Hurricane Sandy Recovery Special Report. This collection features stories of kids (and adults) contributing to Sandy recovery — as well as the Kid Reporters’ on-the-ground reporting during the storm — and it will grow in the days and weeks ahead. Some of the stories slated for publication include coin drives in Georgia and Washington State, a sweeping state-wide effort in Vermont, and the work of a Toronto power company to help restore electricity in New York and Massachusetts. Check out the Kid Reporters’ great work covering Sandy and its continued aftermath. And if you know ofany charities or relief efforts happening in your community that are helping with the Sandy recovery, share them with the Kid Reporters in the comments below or on the Scholastic News Kids Press Corps Blog! Photo: Members of the Strongaville Youth Commission selling ornaments as a way to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. (Photo courtesy Mahathi Venkatesh)