Kids and Family Reading Report 4th edition revealed today

Jan 14, 2013
Today, Scholastic announced the fourth edition of our Kids & Family Reading ReportTM. Kids age 6-17 and their parents shared their views on reading in the increasingly digital landscape and the influences that impact kids’ reading frequency and attitudes toward reading. The media landscape is constantly changing, impacting how children are reading. In just two years, the percent of children who have read an ebook has almost doubled (25% vs. 46%). Despite this, about half of parents (49%) feel their children do not spend enough time reading books for fun. 72% of parents show an interest in having their child read ebooks, which is great because one in four boys who has read an ebook says he is now reading more books for fun. eBooks may also be the key to transition moderately frequent readers (defined as kids who read one to four days a week) to frequent readers (those who read five to seven days a week). More than half (57%) of moderately frequent readers who have not read an ebook agree they would read more if they had greater access to ebooks. Even so, the love of and consistent use of print books is evident among kids, regardless of age. 80% of kids who read ebooks still read books for fun primarily in print. The report also notes that the gender gap in reading frequency and attitudes towards reading is narrowing; however, the narrowing of the gap is driven more by decreases among girls than it is by increases in boys. Among girls since 2010, there has been a decline in frequent readers (42% vs. 36%), reading enjoyment (39% vs. 32% say they love reading), and the importance of reading books for fun (62% vs. 56% say it is extremely or very important). Among boys since 2010, there has been an increase in reading enjoyment (20% vs. 26% say they love reading), and importance of reading books for fun (39% vs. 47%). Reading frequency among boys has stayed steady, with 32% being frequent readers. Francie Alexander, Chief Academic Officer at Scholastic, and Maggie McGuire, VP, eScholastic, Kids and Parents Channels, revealed the results of the Kids & Family Reading Report on Facebook, and we got some great responses from our fans, especially after learning that having reading role-model parents and books in the home has more impact on kids’ reading frequency than household income! Here’s what some of you had to say: Tanya L: “We don’t own many books. But, we practically burn holes in our library cards!! Money is no excuse.” Karen M: “The greatest joy I have ever known is reading to my children.” Shanda W: “I’m a huge reader and have encouraged my boys to love books just as much.” Check out the full conversation on Twitter and Facebook. You can see many more charts and quotes on our Pinterest page. And be sure to take a look at the full report. What do you think about the results of the latest Kids and Family Reading Report? Let us know in the comments, or join the conversation on Facebook and twitter.