It came from the archive


Apr 23, 2013
It is incredibly easy to get lost in the archive. The Scholastic archive houses thousands of books and magazines, and while walking through the stacks I stopped in what we called the “T number” collection. This was the collection that housed all of the books from before there were ISBNs. All of the books were published before 1970 but many were published long before then. Since old is back in a big way (Morgan and I can’t be the only ones excited by the news of the new Lizzie Skurnick Imprint, which will republish old YA titles!), I couldn’t resist sharing a few of the titles with you. Check out the covers and the blurbs from the back of the book. Enjoy! The Night We Stopped the Trolley by Earl Schenck Miers: What was it like to be young in America half a century ago? In a series of memorable vignettes – some funny, some bittersweet — historian, author, and editor Earl Schenck Miers “tells it like it was.” His reminiscences bring back to life a world that no longer exists – a world of hobos, trolley cars, block parties, Rally Day parades, and home- baked bread. Peppermint: Teen-agers ask…Who am I? What makes me laugh, cry, dream? What’s cruel, what’s kind… what’s courage? Teen-agers look…At the world around them – at themselves, their friends, their families. Teen-agers look at today, and wonder about tomorrow. Teen- agers write…with humor, honesty, imagination. And each year thousands of them submit their best work to the annual Scholastic Magazines Writing Awards. (Note: Now the Scholastic Magazine Awards is called The Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The awards are currently celebrating their 90th year!) Mystery of the Haunted Mine by Gordon D. Shirreffs: The Espectros … The Haunted Mountains! Somewhere in those canyons is a fortune… thousands of dollars worth of gold that men have searched and died for. The Indians say it is guarded by ghosts – but Gary and Tuck refuse to believe that ghosts use live ammunition! Star Spangled Summer by Janet Lambert: The summer Carol Houghton spends with Penny Parish and her warm, light hearted family brings important changes in the lives of three people…Carol, who had never before lived in a happy house. Her father, who has been unable to show his love for Carol. David, who hadn’t liked girls. Everyone agrees: It was truly a Star-Spangled Summer. Girls Can Dream Too! by Janet Lambert: “Essay Contest! First Prize: Free flying lessons. Contest open to all qualified students 16 years or older. Rules available in principal’s office.” All of Avondale High School is agog at the announcement, especially Loretta Larkin. But when she makes it known she will be an entrant in the contest, Jeff Chandler is taken aback. What an unladylike thing to do! “And suppose I don’t particularly want to be a lady?” counters Rette. “Will the sky fall in if I learn how to fly a plane?”   That’s just what I found but I am sure that you have some hidden gems on your shelves too! Take a fresh look at your bookshelves. Did you find anything that you forgot that you had? Did you rediscover a title you had almost forgotten about? Let us know in the comments!