iPhone Photo Safari {Color Hunt}

Allison McDonald
May 13, 2013
This is the 2nd post in our new series Unplanned and On The Go. My daughter is starting to refuse nap ( pray for me) and if she doesn’t go to sleep we go outside if at all possible for a calm walk. On our walk she decided she wanted to look for colors and I suggested she take pictures with my iPhone. She is a whiz at handling my iPhone so with it’s ugly but kid friendly cover on it we set out to find some colors! It was a huge hit. What we were doing : Going for a walk in an attempt to clam down and chill out before trying to nap again. I don’t give up easily and naps are my me time! What I did to spark the activity : Handed my daughter my iPhone and said “Take pictures of the colors you see.” What it turned into : A fun colorful photo safari! As we walked I had her find a color and then I handed her my phone to take a picture. I didn’t want her walking and looking down at the phone at the same time. Not a safe option for her or the phone. I was fascinated by which colors stood out for her in the photos she took. We also found that when given the chance to be very careful with my phone she was. It was a lesson in trust and responsibility. I was super impressed with her pictures – she took each herself and while I re sized them for the post I only edited the a few a tiny bit for clarity. What is your favorite on the go activity with you kids? Leave a comment and let’s talk! The post iPhone Photo Safari {Color Hunt} appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.