Interview with a 3-Year-Old

Amy Kraft

May 04, 2013
Tomorrow’s a big day. Ozzie is turning 3! I know I should be wistful for the end of the baby years, but it’s so much fun to have a big boy. He’s not yet a reliable witness for this interview since he pretty much only thinks about what he’s done in the last 15 minutes, so the rest of the family determined the favorites from Ozzie’s time as a 2-year-old. Favorite Book: No, David! A great fit for any 2-year-old, really. We went through quite a long spell where Ozzie would want every one of the No, David series that we have in the house (includingDavid Goes To School and David Gets In Trouble) at bedtime, and nothing else. Honorable mentions for the year go toGo, Dog. Go! and Taro Gomi’s Bus Stops. Favorite App: Toca Train Ozzie’s a whiz with the iPad, and loves all of the Toca Boca apps, but Toca Train tops them all. I think it’ the power of driving the train. Pepi Bath got quite a bit of play this year, too. Favorite eBook: Hansel and Gretel This is a new category for these interviews, but interactive eBooks have really become a thing this past year, and the one that Ozzie plays most frequently is Hansel and Gretel by PB&J Publishing. It’s got beautiful art and nice voiceover. There are parts of it that freak Ozzie out a bit, but I think that may be part of the draw, like he’s building up his courage or something like that. Favorite TV Show: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Yo Gabba Gabba was knocked out of the top slot in Ozzie’s TV roundup thanks to the new Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. I think he sees in Daniel a totally relatable kid with experiences that model his own. The musical jingles in each episode are a big draw, too. SuperWHY has also been in pretty heavy rotation lately, and he dabbled in Sid the Science Kid this year, too. Favorite Museum: Museum of Mathematics I think both of the kids have been favoring the new MoMATH, with its math-themed rides, puzzles, and projects. The size of the museum is also nice — two floors that never feel overwhelming. Favorite Music: “Bubble Factory” by Recess Monkey Ozzie lives and breathes this video. He’s obsessed with both garages and Recess Monkey’s mascot, Mayor Monkey. Everything that even remotely functions like a garage door in Ozzie’s daily life — the medicine cabinet, the butter door of the refrigerator, the hood on his jacket — becomes a space where he can imagine Mayor Monkey inside. He’s also very big into hiding in the curtains with his microphone so that he can pretend he’s on Yo Gabba Gabba introducing the Super Music Friends Show. When he does, he always introduces the same video, Of Montreal with “Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast”. Favorite Toy: Little People Wheelies Stow ‘n Tow Garage Did I mention a garage obsession? It’s no secret in our family, so for Christmas Ozzie received two different versions of the Stow ‘n Tow Garage (on isCars-branded). They’ve got handles at the top and Ozzie will walk around the apartment carrying his two garages. It’s pretty darn cute. I can’t wait to see what the next year brings! Previously: Interview with a 2-Year-Old Favorites From the First Year