Inside Scholastic: A call from Peggy

Guest Blogger
Apr 04, 2013
Meaghan Connaire (you might remember her from her post about her adorable dog, Seamus) is here with a story we think you’ll enjoy — especially if you’re someone who answers phone calls at your work! Thanks, Meaghan, and special thanks to Peggy. I was reading Jessica’s post on the question she’s most asked as a librarian, which got me thinking about all different types of calls I field here at Scholastic as the Corporate Communications Coordinator. I get the typical “can I speak to so-and-so” calls, calls from folks who are calling the wrong place entirely and, of course, calls from a lot of people who want their book published. But a few weeks ago, I received a call from a retired teacher named Peggy. She was trying to track down a copy of Scholastic Teacher magazine that she was featured in back in the 1970s. Normally this is a run-of-the-mill request. I walked over to our awesome Library and asked them if they could help me out. However, Peggy was far from a typical caller. She was super chatty (in a good way!) and told me all about her life as a teacher, how she’s now taking music classes at the age of 78, how she’d love to take me out to lunch or just come by to chat. I fell in love with this woman after the first phone call, if I’m being honest. I didn’t shut up about Peggy for a few days. When the article was found, I gave Peggy a ring to share the good news and she insisted on coming down here to pick it up from me. When she arrived, she had this delicious dessert with her as a thank you for finding the article. She then asked me a million questions in her charming southern lilt and told me all about her nephews while I showed her around The Scholastic Store. She asked me if I was married. I’m not, so then she told me that I needed to find someone to settle down with so she can come sing at my wedding. She told me she’s going to invite me to her concert once she was done composing her show. She couldn’t believe that Broadway “came all the way down here, when I work all the way up there on Broadway!” She was the best. In a city where conversations with strangers are avoided, where people do their best to isolate themselves amongst so many people, it was so wonderful to meet a woman like Peggy, who is seemingly friends with everyone she meets. Whenever I think I’m just answering the same types of calls over and over again, I’ll just remember Peggy and remind myself that once in a while I get some pretty fantastic phone calls. Image via