Indoor Bug Hunt {with counting, sorting and matching}

Allison McDonald

Mar 12, 2013
Finding activities that both my two year old and her six year old brother enjoy isn’t always easy. More and more he wants to do something she doesn’t have the patience or skill for yet. One thing they both love are hunts. Simple materials, fun game and a ton of learning. This bug hunt has color matching , counting and sorting as well as a ton of fun. This activity was a great way for both of them to play and learn together. As you will see they worked at their own level while working together. Although we used bugs you could use any small items like plastic Easter eggs, simple blocks or even cut out shapes. Gather your materials. You will need many multi colored small objects to hide, construction paper in the same colors ( we chose a rainbow theme but you could do any colors) and some kids eager to find things. Spread your colors out on a flat surface like the floor or table. Hide your bugs. Can you see any in this picture ? Explain the rules of the game. Find the bug and sort it in the correct color. For my son I added the following challenges : After he found a bug and put it in the right color I asked him to see which color had the most bugs and which had the least. This made him pause so his sister had a slight chance at finding some of the bugs and gave him a little math lesson too. Start finding those bugs! They were so quick it was hard for me to catch any pictures. My daughter loved sorting them and every now and then I would sneak one into the wrong color and she’d fix it. When we found them all I asked them to count. My daughter counted all the bugs in each color and my son counted all the bugs in every color. He also told me which color had the most, which had the least . After that he went off to play Lego but my daughter and I played two more times.   Books About Bugs We try to always match up activities with books to reinforce active play with quality reading time. Here are 19 great bug books for you and your little bug hunters to check out. The post Indoor Bug Hunt {with counting, sorting and matching} appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.