Happy show-and-tell day!

Jan 08, 2013
Kristen's book for show-and-tell At OOM, we like any reason to celebrate. So…HAPPY SHOW-AND-TELL AT WORK DAY! Remember when you were in elementary school and you got to bring something in and tell the class about it? Kids would bring anything from rock/sea shell collections to new toys to stuffed animals. (I’ll admit it: the sea shell collection was mine…) I asked people what they would bring in to work for literary show-and-tell. As you can imagine, we got some really interesting responses. I would bring in the Harry Potter glasses I got at the midnight book party when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince came out. I still remember going to the book store with friends and waiting on line for my book. Michael would also share some Harry Potter items: I have a lot of Harry Potter items that would be great show and tell items! (Did I mention that I have a pet owl? If I did, your sneak-o-scope would go off.) One of my faves stays in my office and is a giant version of the 7th book – shown here with the actual book. Of course I couldn’t read it because it really has no pages and would be hard to carry but it does look cool! Alex: One of my favorite literary things I own is this photo of Alice (Alice in Wonderland) when she meets the Caterpillar. I have had it hanging in my room for as long as I can remember! Kristen: My show-and-tell is my grandmother’s travel diary from 1957! She and my grandfather took off on a three month adventure in Europe, and they traveled everywhere from Norway and Germany to Paris and Rome. The diary is written in short, matter-of-fact observations that are so typical of my grandmother – no romanticizing there! Two especially cool parts of the book are the ledger at the back where she recorded the price of EVERY purchase (their hotel stays, with breakfast, averaged around $10/night), and the front of the book which was pre-printed with travel tips such as “etiquette for choosing your seat on the airplane.” Each time that I traveled to Europe, my grandmother would pull out this diary and try to give me suggestions on the best “dinner clubs” to try during my trip. This book has become one of my most prized possessions and a wonderful way to remember my vivacious grandmother! Megan: I received a letter from a little girl–she’s a family friend’s cousin. I sent her a box of books and she wrote me the sweetest thank you note. It says “thank you for the great books. I read a few of the stories to my grandpa at breakfast.” So cute! Morgan couldn’t choose just one, but they’re all so cool I let her list all 3: My first edition copy of The Children by Edith Wharton. It’s on a fancy invisible shelf in my living room wall along with my other old books (two more Whartons, a Coleridge poetry book, and two old Nancy Drews) but it’s the only first edition I have and I am obsessed with it. My framed picture of me with Ann M. Martin! It sits on my desk and gives me inspiration when I write! The amazing Sweet Valley Twins notebook I just received for Christmas. The front cover is from Sweet Valley Twins #8: First Place. What would you bring to work for a literary show-and-tell?