Happy Be Kind to Animals Week!

May 09, 2013
Be Kind to Animals Week (May 5-11) wasestablishedin 1915 by The AmericanHumaneAssociation in aneffortto support animals and raise awareness about their health and safety. At Scholastic, we love animals (Clifford! Otto! Owen & Mzee!), and we consider this an incredible and important cause. Here are a few suggestions for how to get involved (from the American Humane Association): Adopt an animal from a shelter or rescue Take care of your pet Appreciate wildlife Report animal abuse For more ideas and resources, check out their Be Kind to Animals Week webpage. Looking for other ways to celebrate animals with your students or children? We’ve got a ton of resources to share. Check out our animal favorites Pinterest board, our Discover More series (which is all about nature, animals, and life science), and our “Everything you Need” collections for Insects & Bugsand Clifford! And this is a lovely article on how children can learn from pets. We also want to mention and thank one of our LiteracyChampions, Paws for Healing. A few months ago, we shared with you the success of Scholastic’s Fall 2012 reading program, Paws for Reading, which partnered with Paws for Healing and other non-profit organizations to donate 1,000,000books to kids in need. We’re proud to callPaws for Healinga Scholastic Literacy Champion. Their community outreach and canine therapy programs provide comfort and help to people of all ages.