GeoGuessr: The Global Game

Amy Kraft
May 11, 2013
I’m warning you, don’t read this post if there are productive things that you’re meant to be doing right now. I happened on GeoGuessr in a friend’s Facebook feed on Friday afternoon, and the remaining memories of Friday are a little hazy. It’s possible all I did was play this game. Fortunately, the kids dig it too. GeoGuessr plunks you down somewhere in the world. You could be anywhere. (Well, anywhere covered by Google’s Street View.) Imagine if you really were dropped somewhere and you didn’t know where you are. You’d start to look for clues, right? You can navigate around and start to narrow it down. What language are the signs in? What side of the road are the cars driving on? What’s the architecture and the foliage like? When you’re ready to guess, you can click the world map and get points for how close you come. We’ve been discussing house rules for this game. My husband got one down to the street by looking at signage, and at first Olive and I thought that was cheating. We softened when we started to Google what we were finding. For instance. Look at this pretty scenery. Got a guess as to where it is? Wait. Turn to the left. A tunnel! Hmmm. The plot thickens. Go through the tunnel and find a sign on the other side. Well that’s a pretty good clue. Google break…. We found a map and got pretty darn close. We also found YouTube videos of driving through this Ohmori Tunnel in Kamoenai Village, Hokkaido, Japan. Isn’t that crazy and amazing? GeoGuessr is such a great path to global discoveries. And now all Ozzie wants to do is watch YouTube videos of tunnels.