Digital Learning Day and Word Fill-In!

Feb 07, 2013
Yesterday was Digital Learning Day! Embracing technology and supporting teachers and leaders who adopt technology in the classroom is a big part of what Digital Learning Day is all about! It is also what motivates us here at Scholastic to create cool resources like this Everything You Need to Teach with Technology unit! When technology enters the classroom or home, it is up to teachers and parents to be the gatekeepers of information, while helping children explore the endless possibilities that technology offers. From QR codes to Facebook timelines, we love uncovering new ways educators and parents are bringing technology into the classroom and home! With instant feedback, personalized instruction, anytime access and an unthinkable amount of content, digital learning offers a variety of instructional platforms to ensure each student succeeds. To celebrate Digital Learning Day, we wanted to hear how technology impacts your life and what platforms you prefer. What better way to do that than with a Digital Learning Day Word Fill-In game on Twitter?! That’s right, we asked fans and followers to use #DLDay and share their most creative word fill-ins. We had so much fun hearing from you all and a blast celebrating Digital Learning Day! Here are some of the most used ADJECTIVES, NOUNS and VERBS during the Digital Learning Day Word Fill- In: