Decorating with books

Apr 08, 2013
I may not be super crafty, but I do love decorating–or at least the ideaof decorating. (Let’s just say I spend a lot of time on Pinterest…). Of course, bookworm that I am, one of my favorite parts of home decoration to see is how people display their books. Growing up, my parents used to say that a house didn’t feel like a home until there was a bookshelf; I couldn’t agree more. So, in honor of National Decorating Month (otherwise known as April), I rounded up some of my favorite examples of books used decoratively — and not just on shelves. Furniture made of books – A headboard made out of recycled books?! Yes, please! It seems like you can use books to create almost any piece of furniture, from a chair to a bed frame. That said, it might be best to start small by building something simple, like a side table or coffee table. From there, the possibilities are endless. You might even end up with a huge desk like this one. Book-shaped furniture — Okay, okay. So this one’s a stretch. But you could always take the “decorating with books” idea quite literally and use book-shaped furniture. (It lends a whole new meaning to “coffee table book“…). Book bookshelves – Yup. You heard me. Books as bookshelves. Though it breaks my heart to think of drilling holes through a book, it looks amazing. [Nonworking] fireplaces filled with books — Working fireplaces–though gorgeous– are often too great a fire hazard, especially in apartments. In lieu of decorative firewood, or even candles, why not use books? Book-inspired tchotchkes — How awesome would it be to have a set of plates shaped like books? Or how about a book lamp? Hollow books also make for great hiding places if you tuck it away among the other books on your shelf… Books arranged artistically – Perhaps the most obvious way to decorate with books, but also my favorite. Nothing beats a beautiful book arrangement on a shelf or coffee table. Wallpaper – Not that I’m suggesting you go rip the pages out of a book… but the pages themselves can make for beautiful wallpaper. (Or, better yet, spare the actual pages and opt for wallpaper that simply looks like the page from a book.) Book stairs — One of the coolest ways to store and display books is to integrate them into a flight of stairs. (So what if it’s not necessarily a DIY project? It still looks awesome!) Build a bookshelf in an unexpected place — Have an empty nook? Have it fitted for shelves to create a one-of-a-kind bookcase. With exposed brick and books, what’s not to love about this example? Do you use books to decorate? Tell us how in the comments below! Image via Wickerfurniture