Is cursive something kids should learn?

Jan 23, 2013
In honor ofNational Handwriting Day, I thought it would be interesting to explore a topic that has been popping up in the news lately—is cursive a necessary skill for students to learn? Just last week my coworkers and I got into a conversation about education today and the topic of cursive came up. From this conversation I found out that my colleague’s children, one in high school and one in college, were never taught how to write in cursive. At first I thought it was so weird they never learned how to write in script. When I asked my colleague if she wished her boys knew how to write in cursive she simply replied, “what for?” Her answer got me thinking, why would any student need to know cursive in today’s world? Beyond the occasional thank you card, I myself rarely write that way. The way we write andcommunicate has shiftedtoward digital platforms such as the use of tablets, smartphones and computers instead of pen and paper, but is that reason enough that students shouldn’t be taught it? In addition to evolving communication methods, schools have also been implementing the Common Core State Standards, which state children should demonstrate sufficient keyboarding skills—no mention of handwriting. So, is cursive something kids should learn? Is it a skill that will help prepare them for jobs and life and college? What are your thoughts?   image via Taylor Liberato