Connect With Your Readers & Build A Better Blog

Allison McDonald
Apr 06, 2013
I wrote a new eBook and if you are a blogger you should check it out! Over 5 years a girl can really learn a few things about blogging. March 2013 was our best month yet ( yet, not ever) with almost 1.5 million page views! While at a conference recently I was asked over and over to share my secrets for blogging and I didn’t think I had any until I started suggesting this or that… and ended up writing it all down in this ebook. Now I am offering it to you for $9.99. Connect With Your Readers & Build A Better Blog is a collection of lessons that took me years to figure out. As a speaker at Evo 2012 I spoke about many these topics but this ebook allowed me to elaborate and cover more material than a conference session allowed. It focuses on connecting and the relationship you as a blogger must make with your readers to thrive. There are no step by step tutorials or glitter like you find here on the blog but there is lots of solid advice and thought provoking questions for you to ask yourself . I want this to be useful because at my core whether I am talking about early literacy or Pinterest I am a teacher and I want to share what I know with you. If you aren’t a blogger hold tight because I am joining forces with some of the best kid centered blogs online for a fun Spring bundle of eBooks filled with crafts, activities, parenting insights and more. Watch the blog because it will be announced this week!     The post Connect With Your Readers & Build A Better Blog appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.