A celebration of poetry

Apr 01, 2013
I’ve always found that a good line of poetry can get me through a bad day. April is National Poetry Month — a time for recognizing and celebrating the impact poetry has had on the world and can have on our individual lives. My favorite thing about poetry is also my favorite thing about books: somewhere out there, there is a poem for you — a poem that speaks to you, changes you, defines you, inspires you — just like there is a book. And this month is a time to try and seek that out, to explore poetry and find the one (or the many!) that’s meant just for you. And Scholastic has the tools to help. For starters, you can’t go wrong with our Everything You Need page on poetry. Lesson plans, activities, articles, printables — it’s all here. We have ideas on how to use poetry to teach different subjects (science, anyone?), how to teach poetry through rap, even how to create a poetry slideshow in PowerPoint. Some educators might be stressing about the focus the Common Core State Standards place on poetry, but we have information to help you with that, too: here’s a piece on how to teach poetry with a Common Core edge, and our dedicated Common Core site offers resources. The amazing thing about poetry is that it’s actually really accessible to kids. (Find me one kid who doesn’t giggle at a silly rhyme!) And since it’s so accessible, kids are drawn to the art of writing poetry themselves, too. Why not use April to tap into that, and have kids experiment with writing their own poetry? Here’s some help: a poetry idea engine! For older students, the National Student Poets Program, the country’s highest honor for youth poets presenting original work (and a partership between the President’s Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, and the Alliance for Young Artists & Writers), has some great activities happening all month (and all year!). Check them out here to see what these five high school students are up to and participate in their ongoing conversations about poetry and poets. As for us — the OOM team — many of us are poetry fans. All month, we’ll be tweeting and Instagramming lines from our favorite poems. We’re even creating a “lines we love” Pinterest Board. Join us!