Celebrating get organized month with bookshelves

Jan 10, 2013
Sign at McNally Jackson bookstore: MMYENWYMHMBPSH (Major, Mostly Young, European Novels Whom You Might Have Missed, But Probably Shouldn’t Have) January is Get Organized month. As someone who loves lists, color coding, post-its, and general organization, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to write about it. After talking to my friends, exploring book stores, and searching on Pinterest, I’ve seen so many different ways to organize book shelves. Here’s a roundup: I organize my bookshelf by author’s last name. This seems to be the most common way. I like it because it’s easy to find what I’m looking for. My friend organizes her books chronologically by publication date, so her 18th century lit is all together, etc. My roommate organizes books in 3 categories: Books she’s read and loved (she donates the others), books she wants to read, and miscellaneous (art books, travel books, etc.) Perfect for a NYC apartment with minimal shelf space! At the bookstore McNally Jackson, they organize their books by country – Brit Lit is all together, Russian Lit, etc. I like that if I’m in the mood to for an American contemporary fiction novel, I know where to go. I especially love the table MMYENWYMHMBPSH (Major, Mostly Young, European Novels Whom You Might Have Missed, But Probably Shouldn’t Have). On Pinterest, I’ve seen a lot of shelves by color (I especially love this one and this one). Aesthetically, it’s beautiful, but I think it would drive me crazy not being able to find anything! Catching Fire and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (both red books) on one side and Mockingjay and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (both blue) on the other? Book series would be all over the place! How would I know where to find The Baby-Sitters Club book 2 Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls? (Its a green book, in case you were wondering). Not for me, but the shelves look beautiful! Books organized by height are also a good option – who doesn’t love clean lines? Check out this shelf I found on Pinterest. Ok, so some people don’t love clean lines. They may go the book chaos route. Sometimes, there’s something nice about chaos – especially if it’s a unique looking shelf. Many people just randomly put books on their shelf without any rhyme or reason. I’m a big fan of this one from the New York Times Style Magazine. You can find great ideas and inspiration for organizing your bookshelf on Pinterest. Here is just one (of MANY) book boards from user May Arunothayanan. How do you organize your books?