Celebrate Read in the Bathtub Day!

Feb 08, 2013
For those who love books and bubble baths, take note: February 9 is officially National Read in the Bathtub Day. There’s not much information out there about how this so-called holiday came to be, but as a bath-loving bookworm, I’m happy to observe it. (I just wish I had some of those waterproof books for kids so my book would stay dry…) National Read in the Bathtub Day got me thinking: we know it’s important to read every day, but does it matter where you read? And what are some of the unique, unexpected places people choose to read? The overwhelming consensus is that so long as you’re reading, the “where” is irrelevant. As Michael so perfectly put it, “the beauty of reading is that you can do it anywhere and it’s not weird.” From trains to planes, treadmills to nail salons, there’s no place too offbeat to read. (One of my friends even confessed to reading under the coffee table as a child.) All of this made me curious about creative reading spots, so I polled my fellow OOMers. Here are some of the unusual places they’ve read: Kristen is a car reader: “When Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came out,” she said, “we went on a long family road trip to upstate New York for a family friend’s anniversary party. When we finally got to the party I wanted to keep reading, so I snuck back into the car and crouched down on the floor between the seats so that nobody would see me. I did eventually get caught and dragged back to the party, unfortunately.” Megan once read on a teeny tiny six-seater plane on a flight from Boston to Vermont. (She had to sit in the front next to the pilot and read to calm her nerves.) Anne noted that her sister used to climb trees to read (a perfect summertime hideout!) As for me, I used to read in the linen closet when I was little. I’d grab a chapter book and a flashlight, scale the piles of pillows, and make myself a little reading nook. As for this weekend, I’ll head back to the bathtub. How about you? Where’s the most unexpected place you’ve read? Tweet us your answer using #whereiread and we’ll share our favorites on Pinterest! Image via fontplaydotcom