Camp Mom {Order Now & Get Bonus Gift }

Allison McDonald
May 11, 2013
I am really excited to share this project with you because I think it will be incredibly useful for families , not to mention really fun. Camp Mom is the result of the Top 20 Moms of Pinterest getting together and saying ” We should do something collaborative for the summer. ” When you say that to a bunch of creative and driven women stuff gets done. What Camp Mom Summer Activities Pack is all about is simplifying summer planning for you by putting over 80 ideas, tips & tricks and even some book recommendations together in one easy download for $14.99.   We don’t have everyday planned out for you because we know that in the summer things aren’t always easy to fit into a schedule. What we do have are 80 wonderful activities perfect for kids 2-9 years old. Some are structured, some are free and open and all can be done easily. So when you do want to do something fun and engaging you have all you need to whip something together your kids will love.   The themes are Water: Splash and Play , Art: The Earth Without art is just “Eh” , and Nature: Explorers in Your Own Back Yard . There is also a great list of sensory ideas for simple everyday explorations.   Buy NOW and get a BONUS GIFT ! From May 15th – 31st we are offering extra special offers for anyone who buys Camp Mom. You will get exclusive discount codes for : FREE! (save $4.99):Positive Parenting: The Basics by Amanda Morgan 40% off (save $3.60):Parenting with Positive Guidance by Amanda Morgan 40% off(save $49.20):Parenting with Positive Guidance eCourse by Amanda Morgan 20% off (save $1.58):Raising a Creative Kid: Simple Strategies for Igniting and Nurturing that Creative Spark by Jillian Riley 50% off (save $2.50):Project Organize Your ENTIRE Life: The Quick Start Guide by Stephanie Morgan 50% off (save $3.50):Freezy Peasy: Freezer Cooking Made Easy by Stephanie Morgan 50% off (save $4.00):Alphabet Crafts by Allison McDonald Total Value of Bonus: $69.37 The post Camp Mom {Order Now & Get Bonus Gift } appeared first on No Time For Flash Cards.