BUGS. (Now do we have your attention?)

Guest Blogger
Apr 11, 2013
Amabel Ryan from Scholastic Media is back…and she brought some bugs with her. Before you get grossed out, read on! With the Spring season upon us, we’ll be seeing a lot more critters as we spend more and more time outdoors. While most people cringe at the thought of bugs like bees, spiders or flies, insects do have a role in our ecosystem for such things as pollination, soil aeration and food for other animals. (If you enjoy honey in your tea, eat fruit or wear silk, then you can give thanks to insects because without the bees, flies or the silk worms of the world we wouldn’t have these products!) Bugs may get a bad rap but learning more about these insects could change perception. Instead of fearing bugs, kids can become bug experts thanks to a new interactive app called Bug Genius, now available for the Leapster and LeapPad systems. If your kids love the Animal Geniusscience games, they’re sure to love this app that explores the world of insects, spiders and more! Kids will classify and examine many varieties of bugs while learning fun facts and rising through the bug ranks from the ladybug to the Goliath Beetle! In addition to the facts learned with Bug Genius, you can help your kids explore the world of bugs and insects with fun activities at home and in your own backyard. Grab a magnifying glass, pen, paper and some craft tools and spring into these fun activities and resources from Scholastic.com: Get Buggy Bug Hunt Build Your Own Bug Spring is the perfect time for kids to explore and discover that bugs are nothing to be afraid of. In fact, they’re actually rather fascinating creatures!