Breaking award news: READ 180 and System 44 receive Return on Education Innovation Award!


Apr 19, 2013
Following the announcement of a number of reading and math products for the Common Core, both READ 180and System 44were named winners of the ROE (Return on Education) Innovation Award at the ASU/GSV Education Innovation Summit. READ 180 and System 44— the leading systems from Scholastic proven to raise reading achievement for struggling readers in grades 3–12— was named the winner in the Next Generation Content category of the ROE Awards. The 150 nominations were judged on criteria including dramatically improving learning outcomes, providing substantial leverage to learning leaders (teachers, professors, self-learners), significantly increasing access to education, and greatly reducing the cost for learners and/or learning institutions. As part of the ROE submission, Scholastic presented a case study from the Napa Valley Unified School District, where students who were referred for special education services were enrolled in READ 180 and System 44 in grades three, four, and/or five. By the time these students entered the middle grades, fewer were identified for special education services, resulting in significant cost savings per pupil and reduced need for special education staff. For the full details on how these changes affected cost savings, you can view the full press release here. With the demands of the Common Core State Standards, this is an exciting time for educational products, and we at Scholastic are excited about the endless possibilities in helping students become college and career ready. For more information about Scholastic Education’s innovative new programs, visit here.